We are proud to be St. Louis’ pioneer CBD supplier.

CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary opened its doors in December 2017. We are excited to provide the community with the highest quality organic CBD oil and organic CBD flower products. We seek to facilitate hemp product education for first-time customers, as well as enhance existing patrons’ knowledge. Through alternative healing empowerment, we strive to share the gentle wonders of herbal remedies.

CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary is a shop for the whole family to enjoy! We welcome pets, kids, and grandparents. A warm, inviting atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an assortment of accessories in addition to our CBD oil and CBD flower products makes us a great place for learning and shopping.

Our Maplewood location is nestled among other health-minded, local businesses, and we encourage shoppers to experience all Maplewood has to offer for their wellness journey.

Other St. Louis area locations will be opening soon. Stay tuned!

CBD can be used to treat symptoms of the following:

CBD oil for anxiety
CBD is an effective and gentle approach to relieve anxiety and a great option to try before resorting to addictive anxiety medications.

CBD oil for autism
Studies show the benefit of CBD for reduction of seizures in children with autism. CBD is also a gentle approach for addressing other symptoms associated with autism.

CBD oil for dementia
Research shows that CBD reduces inflammation – one of the key indicators of dementia, while improving neuroplasticity (flexibility of the brain).

CBD oil for depression
When ingested, CBD directly interacts with serotonin and dopamine receptors, influencing brain activity and the release of serotonin and dopamine throughout the body.

CBD oil for epilepsy
A 2016 study indicates that 89% of epileptic children who were not responding to medication, vagal nerve stimulation, or a ketogenic way of eating, reported a reduction of seizure frequency when consuming CBD.

CBD oil for pain
CBD is one of the best natural pain relievers available. When used long term, CBD can be regenerative to injured areas over time.


Kelly and the CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary Team adhere to strict requirements and standards when it comes to supplements and the companies that produce them. Transparency is required. Certificates of Analysis are held on file for each brand of CBD that is sold at the store, and each brand is selected for its unique properties and varying levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary Team is here to help dispel myths about hemp products and offer fact-driven information about its healing properties.

Kelly Christensen

Kelly Christensen is the owner of Canvas Boutique & Dispensary. Relying on her many years in the natural products industry, she is committed to supplying only the highest quality, 100% natural hemp products in an atmosphere that is inviting to all.