Body Care

Topical Pain Relief

CBD American Shaman Botanicals hemp oil body topical cream ointment equine elixir

Our most potent formula is the Equine Ointment. It has 500 mg of nanoparticlized CBD, which is the most bioavailable form. It is absorbed must faster than oil and is carried deeper into the tissue with DMSO. This formula is terrific for people with joint and nerve pain and is able to penetrate deeper than other topicals. We offer lower-potency topicals as well that have supportive ingredients like Arnica Montana and Celadrin. Arnica Montana is widely used to reduce bruising, and Celadrin has been clinically studied for its anti-inflammatory properties that safely promotes flexibly and healthy joint function.

Anti-Aging Facial Serum

Everyone’s favorite ingredient for anti-aging – Hyaluronic Acid – has now been combined with the anti-oxidant properties of CBD. Hyaluronic Acid has been shown to hold 1,000 times its weight in moisture making the most effective hydrating solution for the skin. And CBD has shown to outperform Vitamin C and D as an antioxidant.

Facial Cream

CBD American Shaman body lotion face cream

This is the perfect moisturizer to apply over your daily serum. It is lightweight and highly absorbable. This cream also has nanoparticilized CBD and allows the tissue to absorb all of the CBD without an oily finish on the skin. This cream is healing for anyone with dry skin, inflammation and acne. CBD is known to have antibacterial properties and reduce acne without any drying and irritation caused by most acne treatments.

Body Lotion

CBD American Shaman body lotion pump

One of the most luxurious lotions I have experienced. This formula also utilizes the nanoparticlized CBD for higher bioavailability.

Body Butter

Receptra Naturals CBD body butter

This is our high-potency CBD body butter. When you need extra moisture, this whipped butter will leave your skin calm and protected.

Lip Balm

body and lip revitalizer

Your lips have receptor cites too! Keep your lips plump and healthy by applying CBD topically.