Pure Hemp Extracts

CBD American Shaman cbd oil tinctures cinnamon flavor

We offer hemp extracts with varying concentrations of CBD. We also offer extracts in a variety of carrier oils for specific needs and tastes.

Nanoparticlized CBD Tinctures

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble tinctures natural

This is our favorite method of delivery when it comes to sublingual and topical applications. The CBD molecule has been divided multiple times creating a particle that can be dispersed in water and absorbed faster. It is faster acting and is believed to attach to more receptor cites in the body. There is promising research about this type of CBD and certain cancers.

Hemp Extract & Herbal Blends

These products are for people interested in the entourage effect of combining other botanicals with hemp! Turmeric is used frequently with CBD hemp extracts because of the additional anti-inflammatory properties.